§ 1. General provisions

  1. The day starts at 15:00 on the first day of your stay and ends at 10:00 on the last day of your stay.
  2. In the cottages it is possible to stay with animals only after prior arrangement - the fee for a pet is PLN 30 / day. Owners are required to have a valid vaccination book, clean up waste and take animals for walks outside the facility. Owners of animals bear full liability for damages and material.
  3. Third parties may visit the tenant only after agreeing with the host of the cottages. Guests from outside are allowed to stay until 21:00. 
  4. Quiet hours are from 22.00 to 7.00.
  5. Persons disturbing the peace and order in the cottages may be removed from it without the right to any refund of previously incurred fees and any compensation.
  6. The facility is not responsible for valuables and cash left in the cottages, therefore due care should be taken in closing windows and doors when leaving the cottage.
  7. Parking of vehicles takes place only in designated parking spaces.
  8. There is an absolute ban on smoking and frying fish in the cottages. Each cottage is equipped with a cast iron stove, please take extra care when using it. Move all objects and furniture at least 80 cm away from the stove. Particular care should be taken when staying in houses with children. Children must be under the constant supervision of a guardian.
  9. It is forbidden to use your own electrical devices, gas cylinders in the cottages, to light the grill outside the designated place, to use pyrotechnics, lanterns, firecrackers, etc.
  10. The stay of children and teenagers under the age of 18 in the facility is allowed only under the supervision of adults.
  11. The person renting the house is obliged to check the condition of the house's equipment, confirm the compliance of the equipment with the list and accept financial responsibility for deficiencies and damage caused during use. Persons who destroy equipment, furnishings, houses and their surroundings are financially responsible for the damage caused. The renter, before leaving the resort, is obliged to account for the equipment of the house. We take a refundable deposit upon check-in. The Lessee is financially liable for any damage caused by his fault.

The Regulations apply to all guests of the houses and others staying on its premises. Compliance with the regulations by you and other guests will ensure a peaceful and safe stay. Making a reservation is tantamount to accepting the provisions of these Regulations.

§ 2. Booking conditions

  1. Pre-booking can be made by phone: 608764880 or by e-mail:
  2. At the time of booking (paying an advance payment of 30% for the entire stay), the rental agreement is considered concluded. 
  3. On the day of arrival, a deposit of PLN 500 is charged - the deposit is returned on the day of departure after passing the house.
  4. The remaining amount for the stay is paid by the Landlord by bank transfer before arrival or in cash on the day of arrival when collecting the keys. 
  5. The rental price does not include the tourist tax. Fee for the Choczewo Commune Office PLN 2 / day / 1 person
  6. In the event of a change in the booking date by the Landlord or a complete cancellation of the stay for reasons beyond our control, the deposit is not refundable.
  7. In case of early check-out, the price difference resulting from a shorter stay is not refunded.
  8. If the keys are lost, a fee of PLN 100 is charged.
  9. When making a reservation, the Landlord agrees to the processing of personal data only for the purpose of making the reservation and fulfilling the registration obligation in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. The person making the reservation has the right to inspect their personal data and update them.